22 November 2020

De Klok Logistics celebrates its tenth anniversary!

De Klok Logistics has something to celebrate. Exactly ten years ago, the company restarted under the leadership of Remco Vos. Since then DKL has blossomed and grown. Time for a look back and a word of thanks to all involved.

22 november 2010: 

A young logistics entrepreneur takes over the Nijmegen company De Klok Logistics. The ailing company, which had existed for seventy years by then, is relaunched and thrives under the wings of Remco Vos. He is rebuilding DKL with hard work and an ambitious vision. The fleet will be renewed, as will the automation and on-board computers. Remco is constantly looking for ways to improve service and efficiency.

November 22, 2020: De Klok Logistics celebrates its ten-year anniversary after the restart! Remco: “We can look back on a dynamic period with many highlights. We have grown literally and figuratively and have developed positively. DKL is now definitely on the map as a true specialist in fine-mesh distribution.”

A number of highlights in the past ten years:


• 2011: takeover of Vortex Logistics


• 2012: takeover J.D. Timmer


• 2013: takeover of transport Ceva Logistics


• 2014: takeover of international transport Nabuurs


• 2017: acquisition of Van Vliet Transport


• 2020: acquisition of Van Opzeeland



Together with the sister companies, DKL has a total storage capacity of more than 120,000 m2 in the Netherlands. A fleet of hundreds of trucks and more than 650 employees is busy every day to fulfill the wishes of the customers.



Remco and his team are proud of the success so far. “We could not have done this without our employees, loyal customers and collaborating parties. I would like to thank them very much for their hard work and confidence. I am optimistic about the future and hope that we can celebrate many more anniversaries. ”