At De Klok Logistics, it is a daily coming and going of white and blue trucks on their way to our customers. And there are a lot of logistical processes behind it that also need to be optimized every day. Today we talk to Kody, he knows everything about those processes at DKL. In addition, he is also a good example of the growth opportunities within our company because he started as a holiday help during his studies.

Heloo Kody, please introduce yourself.

I'm Kody, 26 years old and I've been with DKL for 1.5 years now in the billing department of our Shared Service Centre. I'm in charge of invoicing and I also map out all kinds of processes in order to optimise them.


Shared Service Centre, tell me, what does that mean?

De Klok Logistics has two sister companies, Van Vliet Transport and Vortex Logistics, and there is a joint department for the financial part, the Shared Service Centre. So I don't only work for DKL, but also for two other companies. That means the work is even more challenging; each company still has its own identity.


So you started here as a holiday help?

Yeah, after high school I joined the army for six months. It was really cool, but then I found out it wasn't quite my thing after all. IT gave me discipline though. That's when I made the decision to study business economics. But because I couldn't start right away, I worked for six months as a holiday worker in the administration at DKL. At that time I did all kinds of light administrative jobs, like sending papers and letters to clients. I thought this was already quite cumbersome at the time and then I thought this is really a shame and can be done differently, I want to improve this. So then I already thought that I would like to turn this into a graduation project.


Can you tell me more about your graduation internship?

During my graduation internship I researched and mapped various processes. You can only improve processes if you know everything about them, so that's where it all started. I graduated on the optimization of waybills, I mapped and optimized the entire primary process. I informed all customers and listened to their wishes. As a result, the entire bill of freight process has been improved and completely in line with our customers' wishes. And happy customers is obviously why I do it, and pleased colleagues are a great extra as well.

I can imagine that your work makes your colleagues very happy indeed.

Yes, that's actually true. My job is to solve problems and improve the way I work. And I really immerse myself in my colleagues' work, because only then can I see what can be done differently and better. You really have to work with it yourself, and you can't change everything immediately, you have to understand everything first and then come up with a thorough plan. It's a real thrill when I see that my colleagues can do their work even better and faster.


Tell me more about that thrill, if you tell me about it, I can see that your eyes start to shine.

Haha yes that's right, I often think about the processes at home as well. Of course I try to finish the work in my head, but automatically it comes back up again. Of course applying change also gives a certain stress, but in the end if it works then it gives that thrill and satisfaction. Never expected that I would like it so much. I take that feeling home with me and tell it to my girlfriend in the evening.


That's great! And is there anything else for you to improve at DKL in the future?

When I started working I honestly thought I would be done at some point. But DKL's ambitions are big and there is always something to do and they love to innovate. I think it's great to be part of them, to experience growth and above all to see change. The possibilities at DKL are endless, they are open to innovation and improvement. If a company is very much in a pattern, you can't change much. I stayed here because I was given the opportunity to do so.


Do you still notice at the office that you work for a transport company?

Yes, especially by my colleagues. In transport they are very direct and so are my colleagues. But that's a good thing, we like to work together, we have short lines of communication and we're close to everything. I actually speak to so many different departments on a day, from planning to customer service to the warehouse, which makes it a lot of fun. We have a team of young and old. I can learn a lot from my older colleagues and I have a lot of fun sparring with my younger colleagues. And with the older ones too, of course.


Are you still looking for colleagues?

Yes, the door is wide open for ambitious graduates. Oh yes and they have to be fun too of course. It's hard work at DKL, but you get every chance to achieve what you really want.