Press release June 2020

Press release June 2020

De Klok Logistics and Van Vliet Transport about corona measures

"Logistics sector deserves compliment for corona approach

The corona crisis affects all sectors, including transport and logistics. De Klok Logistics (Nijmegen) and Van Vliet Transport (Vianen) provide a look behind the scenes: how do they deal with the measures and consequences so far? Director Remco Vos: "The sector has generally taken a decisive and professional stance, we are proud to be a part of that".


Nijmegen, 9 June 2020

De Klok Logistics (DKL) and Van Vliet Transport (VVT) took measures at an early stage to keep the coronavirus out. Remco Vos explains: "We started providing information even before the first press conference of the prime minister. Subsequently we distributed tools to our people, such as gloves and cleaning wipes. Our drivers are in a high-risk group due to the many contact moments in a day, so we felt it was important to protect them and our customers well".

Excellent rating

When the virus gained ground in the Netherlands, the number of measures at DKL and VVT was increased. The companies have been divided into zones, minimizing the number of people in a room at the same time. The hygiene measures are clearly visible throughout the various buildings. Since then, a large part of the office staff also works from home. "And we agreed with customers and drivers how we could redesign the contact at the delivery addresses. Both parties have responded positively to this and have adopted a flexible attitude". The overall approach has resulted in a positive RI&E assessment.

Firm in your shoes

Like many companies, DKL and VVT have to deal with fluctuations in turnover. It is an exciting time, Remco acknowledges. "Some customers are busier, while other companies are losing all trade. You can double or halve your turnover every day. A new dimension of entrepreneurship has been added, in which you have to be firmly in your shoes. We are doing our utmost to anticipate volume increases and decreases. We can maintain our delivery times thanks to our people. They are fully committed and absenteeism is low. We really appreciate that.

Importance sector

Remco praises the way in which the transport and logistics sector has dealt with the corona crisis so far. "As an industry, we take a decisive and flexible approach. We have shown that we can also deal with this. And this shows how important the logistics sector is: many companies can continue to operate thanks to transport. That certainly deserves a compliment.

Thinking differently

Corona will change many companies permanently, including DKL and VVT. "This crisis forces you to think differently and take certain steps faster. Matters such as working from home and remote meetings have now been introduced much earlier. Fortunately, we were already prepared for this in terms of IT. We have been investing in advanced IT systems and automation for years. We like to be at the forefront of that. You have to be flexible and be able to scale up and down your production capacity. We are hopeful that we will get through this 'competition' well, with a healthy basis for the future".


About De Klok Logistics and Van Vliet Transport

De Klok Logistics and Van Vliet Transport employ 500 people. There are 250 trucks on the road and the warehouse capacity is around 150,000 m2. The focus of De Klok Logistics and Van Vliet Transport is on offering logistics solutions, such as supply chain, fulfilment and domestic freight transport, supported by advanced IT concepts.