August 2020

DKL and VVT are committed to social transport "Staff is your most valuable asset" What makes a logistics company a good employer?


De Klok Logistics (DKL) and Van Vliet Transport (VVT) believe in sustainable employability, a good work-life balance and appreciation. This is what social transport looks like according to these employers.


NIJMEGEN / VIANEN - 04 August 2020


With about 500 employees, DKL and VVT are big employers. Keeping these employees happy and healthy is a high priority. That is why the companies, which both belong to the same owner, have a progressive social transport policy.


Working part-time


Working sixty hours a week and being with the family only on weekends is what a truck driver's life used to look like. That had to change, DKL and VVT decided a few years ago. It is now more the rule than the exception for these companies to work part-time. Sustainable employability has become more important, partly due to the increased retirement age. Pieta Bekers HR Manager at DKL, explains: “Many of our drivers have young children. They would rather work four days than full-time. We are happy to make that possible. ”


Sustainable employability


Older drivers and (warehouse) employees are also taken into account in the context of sustainable employability. Marian Roelofs, HR Manager at VVT, says: “We want to keep our employees working healthy and with pleasure until they retire. That is why we also offered them the option to work part-time. The response was very enthusiastic. We also have a pool of people over 65 who would like to work a few hours a week. They carry out support activities and that eases the work of the drivers. ”


Work / life balance


Another hot topic is the work-life balance. DKL and VVT pay a lot of attention to the psychosocial workload, including with a module from the Transport & Logistics Sector Institute. Pieta: “We previously conducted a survey on this subject and received an 8 rating from our employees, but we want to continue working on it. We also want to encourage employees to think about their own future and health. That is why we are going to bring the PSA module back to the attention of our employees and managers. ”




Thinking along and participating in the conversation is also part of social transport. DKL drivers can give their opinion in a special driver committee. Different disciplines within the company regularly meet to discuss all kinds of matters. Drivers are heard and action is taken where necessary. Pieta: “We value our employees and show this in various ways. Important, because your staff is your most valuable asset. ”


Working at DKL & VVT


DKL and VVT can always use good people. Partly for this reason, both companies are certified training companies. MBO students can follow a BBL course via STL and Aldiver, while gaining experience in the industry. Lateral entrants, for example people with a distance to the labor market, will also have a chance. "Young and old are welcome with us," says Marian. “It is great to see people grow in their development. Hard workers who would like to work in transport and logistics can always contact us on 024 371 3911 (DKL) and 030 - 295 0130 (VVT). -