6 October 2020

De Klok Logistics and Van Vliet Transport want to highlight supply-chain solutions "We offer integrated logistics solutions" De Klok Logistics from Nijmegen and van Vliet transport from Vianen are much more than just distributors.

They are full-fledged and flexible logistics service providers for many leading companies in the Netherlands. With a joint 120,000 m2 of floor space, one national WMS and two powerful, fine-meshed distribution networks, they take care of the entire logistics process. The sister companies have the wish and the possibilities to serve even more clients in this field.

Commercial Director Benelux Theo Hagedoorn and Warehouse Manager Maurice Gauw are happy to explain this. NIJMEGEN / VIANEN - 06 October 2020 Total trajectory Warehousing at DKL and VVT stands for ample capacity, an efficient working method, advanced software, customization and professional customer service. But the focus is broader, namely on offering integrated logistics solutions. In addition to warehousing, the companies are specialized in VAL activities, fulfillment and fine-meshed distribution, supported by advanced IT systems. International distribution is also possible. Theo explains: “A strong point is that we can be involved in the entire logistics process. We have a large network and all the expertise to solve the customer's logistical problems. ”

"Green" warehouse The VVT ​​building in Vianen has an extra advantage when it comes to warehousing: it is BREEAM certified. Theo explains: “It is a fairly new building with various sustainable measures, such as LED lighting and wind energy. We also operate a new fleet in the Euro-6 category. Many companies nowadays have a go-green mentality, so they are looking for a green-oriented warehouse and sustainable transport. We can meet that need. ” The 20,000 m2 building in Oostrum has also been furnished in accordance with BREEAM standards. This makes a total of 40,000 m2 in accordance with the BREAAM standards.

International hub The DKL building in Nijmegen also has several advantages. It is close to the border with Germany, making Europe within reach. Maurice: “We are also close to the BCTN container terminal, an important hub for water-bound logistics. Many inland vessels enter our country via the Waal. That is beneficial in the context of sustainability. ”


The companies are ready for the future and are happy to enter into long-term relationships with customers. DKL and VVT respond to the complexity in the supply chain by providing additional solutions that keep the customer's supply chain effective and flexible. Maurice: "For the future, the focus will be even more on collaboration, chain integration and optimizing the supply chain of our clients."

Case Incare

"DKL offers a solution to all our logistical challenges" Incare from Venray has to deal with various logistical challenges in the field of warehousing and distribution on a daily basis. The company wanted to be completely unburdened in this regard and consciously opted for De Klok Logistics ten years ago. Incare has specialized in wet wipes for various purposes for 25 years.

DKL is involved in the entire logistics process. The raw materials for the wipes are delivered in large rolls to the warehouse in Nijmegen, just like the packaging cartons. According to a FIFO system, DKL stores the raw materials. Thanks to a special demand system, the raw materials are delivered to Incare when necessary.

The final product will be returned and stored. Incare provides a weekly overview of distribution orders and DKL then takes care of the delivery, whether or not together with partner transporters. Ideal combination Incare expects and receives a high degree of care from DKL. Plant Manager / Purchaser Jack van Duren: “We work with care. And if something goes wrong, they solve it properly. They know how it works for us and vice versa. We also work together in challenging periods. For us they offer the ideal combination of price, quality and service.

Our collaboration has been going on for ten years, which says a lot in my opinion. They are the total partner who relieves us. ”